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Doggy Day Care in Sale

Ideal for clients from Maffra, Stratford, Wurruk, Longford and Briagolong who shop or work in Sale

So many owners struggle to find a safe, fun place for their dog to meet others outside of dog training schools. Socialising in public areas has many risks for your dog; from meeting other dogs that are not so friendly, to not knowing if the dog that you are meeting is fully vaccinated. We take the risk out of socialising by allowing only fully vaccinated, desexed dogs into day care. We assess all dogs before they are allowed to join in with the pack and all owners are fully updated on their fur babies upon pick up. We pride ourselves on being the home for your dogs during your busy working day! With indoor play areas, garden areas, rest areas with sofa beds.

With three huge indoor pens for various temperament groups, we will ensure that your dog is allowed to play within their own energy and behaviour level. We understand that not all dogs get along, so the three large zones allow for everyone to have fun together in their own social groups.


Everyone Loves A Cuddle

Ball play, soft toy play, socialising, rest time, large equipment play and lots of cuddles is on the agenda for every visit. You will see photo updates on our facebook page and even get a doggy report card at the end of the week to know who their best friends are and how they have behaved during the week.

For the quieter and shy dogs who just like company and cuddles, we have a smaller area at the front of the centre where we have a carer to play gently and cuddle your fur ball all day long. This is ideal for dogs who are recovering from injuries who like to socialise but shouldn’t be running around just yet.

Do you have a dog who has to remain in their crate all day and you need someone to keep an eye on them whilst you are at work? No problem at all, bring them over and we can pop your baby into reception or the low energy zone and we will make sure that they are well taken care of when you are at work.